How would you do with a winter storm like Juno?

Blizzard 2015!

Blizzard from Staten Island Ferry
View from Staten Island Ferry

We talk about lessening our dependence on the collective systems here and for good reason. The systems are not always there functioning as they’re supposed to. The less dependent we are on them, the better our lives are.

You’re not going anywhere!

Look at the images below, some found on Twitter, with hashtag #Blizzard2015. This is what happens when the masses think that they can always go to the grocery store to pick up this or that and the store will always have food and other essentials. So why keep anything like that in the home? If we need it, we can just go get it. Think again.

Then, the nightly news guy says, “this is going to be the big one, go out and get some food and water.”

Everyone panics and buys everything they can at the grocery store.

Here is the aftermath:

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The Intertwining Systems

The Food Distribution System and the Energy System

Food System - ProduceToday I was thinking about our food system here in America. Of course, it’s the same the world over. Our food system is a very precarious system indeed, relying on other systems to keep it functioning the way it should.

I’m not saying that it relies on only three other systems, but let’s pretend that’s true. Now, imagine our food system is a three-legged stool. With all three legs planted snuggly on terra firma, everything is fine. The stool sits there securely and functions as, well, a stool. The seat of the stool is our food system, and the three legs, let’s call them oil, just-in-time inventory and supply. There is a lot more to it than that, but this will suffice for the point. Now, imagine that one of those legs breaks, just snaps in two. What happens to the stool? Here on Earth, the stool, now being unevenly supported by only two legs, will fall over.

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Are you done with the Systems?

Or at least want to be?

Ever feel like you’re just a piece of the System?

Can we really just walk away from all of these systems?   For some of us, yes. Usually that involves pulling up roots, moving out into the woods and going completely off-grid. That may be a dream for a lot of people, but some don’t want to do that, some just can’t. Others may just not want to be completely off the systems, they don’t want to walk away. Even if you do want to throw up your hands and go off-grid, does your family want the same? Would they be happy?

So what are some ways that we can lessen our reliance on the systems?

Think about all of the systems we are a part of. Go back to my post that lists out many of them. Now try to think of at least one thing for each system that you can do in the next month to lessen your involvement with them.

Comment below with some of your ideas.

Until next time,

Stay free.

The Debt System – Personal Debt II

Personal Debt

In my last post I started into the personal debt side of the debt system.   If you did not read that post, you may want to go back and read that here. I started into it, but I got a little sidetracked going into my own failings. That’s fine because I also want you to know where I’m coming from. So now I’d like to actually get into the meat of the matter.

The debt system is a system of control. It is set up to keep as many people under control as possible. Under who’s control? Many have their hands in this system – the government, the banks, the education system, corporations and of course, the credit card companies.   Name an entity that deals with money on a grander scale than you and I and you can bet they have a hand in there somewhere.

Credit Card Debt

First up, the credit card companies

The credit card companies have done more damage to the American Family than Planned Parenthood or the welfare system ever could ever dream. And yes, the welfare system IS destructive to the family unit, but we’ll get into that later. One of the leading causes for divorce in

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The Debt System – Personal Debt

Personal Debt

So I thought I would start with the debt system. There are really two debt systems, personal debt, which we will be talking about here, and then there is national debt which kind of falls under the Financial and Banking System. We’ll being exploring that in the near future. Personal debt is everything like unsecured credit card debt on up to student loans and home mortgages. This may be one of the most insidious of all the systems of control.

Credit Card Logos
The Slave Masters

Get ’em when they’re young!

The moment that many of our children reach the age of eighteen, credit card companies begin sending out pre-approved credit card applications to them   All they need to do is fill out a tiny bit of information about themselves and they, too, can get one these nice shiny pieces of plastic. It’s as simple as that.   Unless they have someone that has taught the dangers and ramifications of this, many of them will sign the dotted line. Especially in this “I want it now”

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What are the Systems?

Today I wanted to go a little further into the systems; what they are, their purposes and what we’re told about them vs. what they really represent. There are a number of them, each dealing with different facets of our lives. Also, the severity of how they each affect us. How much does a particular system affect our individual lives? How many people are affected? Some affect only a small portions of our population, some affecting nearly all of us. So let’s get into what the systems are first. Note that though I am speaking from an American point of view, these are found throughout the world. Let’s start with a list that will be expanded on later, I’m sure, but let’s start with some big ones.  So what are the Systems?

  • The Education System
  • The Financial and Banking System
  • The Debt System
  • The Healthcare System
  • The Housing System
  • The Food System
  • The Political System
  • The Energy System
  • The Welfare System
  • The Tax System

Those are some big ones, aren’t they? It seems like every one of those touches our lives in some way or another.   And here’s another thing,

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I am Sick of the Systems!

Every day, I get up out of bed and grab a cup of coffee to try to kick start my sleepy brain. I jump into the shower to wash off the previous day’s ick. I brush my teeth (violently, my wife would say), slap on deodorant and well, you get the picture here. I do all of that so I can go to work looking somewhat presentable and like a man that knows good hygiene.  And then I’m off.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like to work. It makes me feel good and like I am contributing to society, not to mention, to the wellbeing of my family. But really, I work for stuff. More correctly said, I work for money that pays for all our stuff. Our house, our cars, groceries, bills, dinners, t-ball, all the way down to Redbox movies on the weekend. Stuff. If I didn’t need to pay for all that stuff, I wouldn’t be getting out of bed and performing the same dull ritual of getting ready for work every day so I can leave my family to go do something I’d rather not be doing.

What I am explaining here is happening to millions of people all over the world. People getting money to pay for stuff and working hard to get more money to get what? More stuff. And bigger stuffs and better stuffs. A bigger house, a better car. And of course, a better car than Rick in Sales. And the lawn, look at that lawn! A veritable carpet of pristine green lusciousness. By far the absolute best looking lawn in the neighborhood!

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