I am Sick of the Systems!

Every day, I get up out of bed and grab a cup of coffee to try to kick start my sleepy brain. I jump into the shower to wash off the previous day’s ick. I brush my teeth (violently, my wife would say), slap on deodorant and well, you get the picture here. I do all of that so I can go to work looking somewhat presentable and like a man that knows good hygiene.  And then I’m off.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like to work. It makes me feel good and like I am contributing to society, not to mention, to the wellbeing of my family. But really, I work for stuff. More correctly said, I work for money that pays for all our stuff. Our house, our cars, groceries, bills, dinners, t-ball, all the way down to Redbox movies on the weekend. Stuff. If I didn’t need to pay for all that stuff, I wouldn’t be getting out of bed and performing the same dull ritual of getting ready for work every day so I can leave my family to go do something I’d rather not be doing.

What I am explaining here is happening to millions of people all over the world. People getting money to pay for stuff and working hard to get more money to get what? More stuff. And bigger stuffs and better stuffs. A bigger house, a better car. And of course, a better car than Rick in Sales. And the lawn, look at that lawn! A veritable carpet of pristine green lusciousness. By far the absolute best looking lawn in the neighborhood! Now, of course, there would varying degrees of this depending on where one lived, their economic situation, etc. But it’s still the same. People earning just enough to barely pay for what have and what they want or need. Whether they are making $500 a week or $11,000 a month, too many are still living paycheck to paycheck.

These people are working for what they own instead of what they own working for them, benefitting them. They have become slaves to what they own. From the mortgages to car payments to unsecured credit card debt. A majority of what we “own” and do in this day and age is purchased through the debt system. And this is touted as a good thing! Really? If you want it, Master Card can help because, well, you deserve it. Hell, you’re already preapproved! Why not? And the shackles go on. A new slave with shiny new things.

The Debt System

This is one of the many systems that have been thrust upon us and wholeheartedly accept it. We embrace it. Credit and debt were looked down upon as a fool’s errand not too long ago. And now look at us. But it is just one of the systems that is holding us back from living truly fulfilling lives.

I am sick of these systems! Every day we should all do what we can to get out from under them. They are systems of dependence and slavery. If you are fine with that, stay on your path. I am not and will not. As much as they tell us we do, we don’t need them. I’ll say that again, WE DON’T NEED THEM!

One of the first things we can do for ourselves and our freedom is to start pulling away from these systems, to extricate ourselves and loved ones from them. This is going to be what I’ll be talking about here – the Systems and how to lessen our dependence on them.

Stay Free-

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