What are the Systems?

Today I wanted to go a little further into the systems; what they are, their purposes and what we’re told about them vs. what they really represent. There are a number of them, each dealing with different facets of our lives. Also, the severity of how they each affect us. How much does a particular system affect our individual lives? How many people are affected? Some affect only a small portions of our population, some affecting nearly all of us. So let’s get into what the systems are first. Note that though I am speaking from an American point of view, these are found throughout the world. Let’s start with a list that will be expanded on later, I’m sure, but let’s start with some big ones.  So what are the Systems?

  • The Education System
  • The Financial and Banking System
  • The Debt System
  • The Healthcare System
  • The Housing System
  • The Food System
  • The Political System
  • The Energy System
  • The Welfare System
  • The Tax System

Those are some big ones, aren’t they? It seems like every one of those touches our lives in some way or another.   And here’s another thing,

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