What are the Systems?

Today I wanted to go a little further into the systems; what they are, their purposes and what we’re told about them vs. what they really represent. There are a number of them, each dealing with different facets of our lives. Also, the severity of how they each affect us. How much does a particular system affect our individual lives? How many people are affected? Some affect only a small portions of our population, some affecting nearly all of us. So let’s get into what the systems are first. Note that though I am speaking from an American point of view, these are found throughout the world. Let’s start with a list that will be expanded on later, I’m sure, but let’s start with some big ones.  So what are the Systems?

  • The Education System
  • The Financial and Banking System
  • The Debt System
  • The Healthcare System
  • The Housing System
  • The Food System
  • The Political System
  • The Energy System
  • The Welfare System
  • The Tax System

Those are some big ones, aren’t they? It seems like every one of those touches our lives in some way or another.   And here’s another thing, most of these systems are intertwined with each other. Many people are absolutely dependent on these systems, some of us not so much. I don’t think any of us should be so dependent on anything that we couldn’t do without. But I also don’t think that we all could be 100% free of all these. If you can be, that’s great! Bully for you! For some of us, we can’t or don’t want to be all on our own. But we don’t have to be 100% dependent on the systems either.

What we should be striving for is less dependence on these systems.

In all of these systems mentioned, there are countless ways of becoming less dependent on them. Storing food, growing food, saving a little money, pay what you can actually afford for housing, clothes and entertainment, building alternative energy systems, stop using your credit card. The list goes on and on, but you can see, there are ways.

Start thinking of ways that you can lessen your dependence on these systems. Comment below and tell us some of your ideas.

I want to start going deeper into some of these systems individually in future posts. Why they’re there, why they need you to need them and how we can lessen their grip on our lives.

Until then,

Stay free.

Comments, ideas or thoughts? Let us know!

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