The Debt System – Personal Debt

Personal Debt

So I thought I would start with the debt system. There are really two debt systems, personal debt, which we will be talking about here, and then there is national debt which kind of falls under the Financial and Banking System. We’ll being exploring that in the near future. Personal debt is everything like unsecured credit card debt on up to student loans and home mortgages. This may be one of the most insidious of all the systems of control.

Credit Card Logos
The Slave Masters

Get ’em when they’re young!

The moment that many of our children reach the age of eighteen, credit card companies begin sending out pre-approved credit card applications to them   All they need to do is fill out a tiny bit of information about themselves and they, too, can get one these nice shiny pieces of plastic. It’s as simple as that.   Unless they have someone that has taught the dangers and ramifications of this, many of them will sign the dotted line. Especially in this “I want it now”

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