How would you do with a winter storm like Juno?

Blizzard 2015!

Blizzard from Staten Island Ferry
View from Staten Island Ferry

We talk about lessening our dependence on the collective systems here and for good reason. The systems are not always there functioning as they’re supposed to. The less dependent we are on them, the better our lives are.

You’re not going anywhere!

Look at the images below, some found on Twitter, with hashtag #Blizzard2015. This is what happens when the masses think that they can always go to the grocery store to pick up this or that and the store will always have food and other essentials. So why keep anything like that in the home? If we need it, we can just go get it. Think again.

Then, the nightly news guy says, “this is going to be the big one, go out and get some food and water.”

Everyone panics and buys everything they can at the grocery store.

Here is the aftermath:Bare Shelves - Juno Storm 2015

If more people were prepared to deal with life as it happens and not be so reliant on the systems that support them, this kind of stuff would not happen.

Maybe take a moment and ask yourself, if the nightly news guy came on the air and said, “the storm is making landfall tonight and you will probably be stuck in your house for a few days,” how long could you last? Are you ready for a few days at least? How about a week or more? How about with no power? Would you be able to cook and keep warm? Take a look at my posts about self-reliance in the pantry and food storage to get some ideas on how to prepare at least your pantry for the unexpected. Do you want another reason? Read how precarious our food system really is. It may just get you motivated!

Bare Shelves - Juno Storm 2015These kinds of events happen every year. They are not extraordinary or rare. Is it not better to just prepare for them?

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