9 Year Old Suspended for Threat of Magic

Educating our children through fear.

Kermit Elementary, Kermit, TX
Kermit Elementary, Kermit, TX

I just read a shining example of how our education system is working for our children from The Odessa American and The New American. The story starts with a 9 year old boy seeing a movie: Lord of the Rings – The Battle of the five Armies. Harmless. The boy then brings a ring to school, still no harm done at this point. And then apparently copying the movie, the boy told one of his classmates that he “could make him disappear” with the ring. What is the problem with that? Well, the boy, Aiden Stewart, probably didn’t know this, but he had just made a “terroristic threat” toward a classmate. At least that is what the school is claiming and this statement by Aiden, this “threat,” got him suspended.

Afterward, Aiden’s father said, “I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend’s existence,”

Are you kidding me?!

This is what is happening in our schools today? Instead of teaching our kids reading, writing, etc., they are wasting their and the kids’ time with this nonsensical crap. “But it’s for the other

Kermit Elementary School Rating

kids’ safety, it’s for the kids!” Let me tell you something, no one was threatened here! Maybe if Kermit Elementary would focus more on math and science, it wouldn’t have a City Data rating score of 2 out 100! 100 being the best and zero the worst. They’re almost the bottom of the barrel! Here’s a graph of all the schools in Texas from City-Data.com. The little red dot on the far left is Kermit Elementary.

Aiden has also gotten suspended for referring to anther child’s skin color as black and bringing a children’s encyclopedia to school, “The Big Book of Knowledge.” The book had an illustration of a pregnant woman which is apparently grounds for suspension in this school.

The subjugation of America continues.

What are we doing here? What on Earth are we teaching our children? To be afraid? To not have an opinion? To never question authority? If you said yes to all of those, you are correct! These kids today are getting suspended, expelled and even arrested for things that are not threats, that don’t hurt anyone and even worse, that were done with innocent intentions. These are kids just being creative little kids and the school systems seem like they are trying to ruin their lives! Hey teachers and administrators, if that is not what you’re going for, stop making it look that way! Most of this zero-tolerance BS goes too damn far. Some of the things that happen in school have to be filtered through a human brain. Not everything is black or white, good or bad, innocent jabbering between friends or a “terroristic threat!” I know children today are taught to never question what is taught and to blindly follow orders, but those teaching our kids need to use their damn heads.

This is the education prison system that we willingly place our children into. These kids are our future. Raised in schools like this, our next generation will not be a generation of leaders, they will be a generation of followers, blindly taking orders from whoever is the perceived authority. We are creating the next generation of slaves. And we are doing so under the guise of their education.

If Aiden’s story sickens you, don’t let it go. Don’t just forget about it because this stuff is happening everywhere. This isn’t just a far off place in Texas, this is coming to a district near you if it’s not already there.

Posted below is the contact information for both the school and the school district. Call them both and tell them that they are crossing the line here and that you are watching. The nation is watching. I’ve seen articles at least in the United Kingdom about this story, so international eyes are on this as well. Be respectful. Be polite. But let them know flat out that this is not ok. Especially if you live there and they’re using your tax dollars for this! And if it is at all possible, pull your kids out of the public education system. They deserve better than this!

Kermit Elementary
Phone: (432) 586-1020

Kermit Independent School District
601 S. Poplar St.
Kermit, TX 79745
Phone: (432) 586-1000
Fax: (432) 586-1016

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