How do we change anything?

If you want to change things in your life, the change must start with you. You must start to change yourself before anything else can change. Otherwise you are just coasting through like everyone else. You are like the wave on the sea tossed by any wind that comes its way.

Do something!

Typical Politician - Head up their ass
Typical Politician

If you are sick and tired of the systems, do something about it! I know those in power, some of those running the systems, don’t want you to know this, but guess what?  You do have power.  More power than you may think. You can cause a change in that which you don’t like. That is a dangerous concept because it puts you in control and that is what they are afraid of. Once a populace knows that they are the ones that are actually in control, it’s game over for them. They have lost. And they will stop at nothing to make sure that does not happen.   That is precisely why they oppose so many ordinarily good ideas, leaps forward for a society, and label them as bad, as the poor choices of the masses. They are scared shitless of these kinds of changes.  And yes, sometimes those in charge just have their heads up their asses.  But often, they do know what they are doing and are doing it for control and money.  What?  A politician wanting control and money?!  I know, it’s crazy.

If you are sick of the education system, go to the meetings at your kids’ school, vote in folks that have the kids’ interest at heart instead of the teachers unions’, lobbyists, etc., talk to everyone that will hear you about your grievances and ideas. Do something. If you don’t like the way something is being handled, voice an opinion. Don’t just sit at home and grumble and wonder why things don’t change.

Are the city’s ordinances are creeping a little too close to home? Are they affecting your liberty?   Then here is a question: when is the last time you’ve gone down to a city council meeting and voiced your opinion on the matter? Or any matter?  Are you going to sit back and watch as your city or town gets taken by bureaucrats, thieves and money wasters? I don’t care of you live in Eugene, Oregon or New York City, you have a voice and it should be heard. If anything is ever taking your liberties, take immediate action. IMMEDIATE!   Liberty is nothing to screw with, just ask our forefathers. It is not something to be taken lightly. They faced possible charges of treason – hanging from the gallows – just for signing the Declaration of Independence. Yet they did so. So don’t tell me it’s too hard these days. “I can’t do it.” Your neighbor might give you a dirty look. For what? For having a front yard garden? For leaving your garbage can by the curb one too many days? Really? Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock and 54 other patriots penned their names to a document that could have been the birth of a nation, as well as their death warrant, for our freedom. And here we’re worried about ruffling feathers! Come on, let’s have a little perspective. So again, I’ll ask the question, are they affecting your liberty?   Negativity? If so, then there’s a fight to be had.

Change can only come when the people are ready for it, when they demand it. Those that are currently in control will not give up that control willingly. They are not benevolent rulers that just waiting for the chance to return the reins to their rightful owners, the people. Control must be taken from them. They will obviously resist, but if we want it back, we must take it. A half-hearted request will get smacked down quicker than you can say “please.”

What are you doing to safeguard your liberties? Have you had to fight for them? What are you doing or have you done to enact change in your community? Or just in your life? Let us know in the comments section below. And please subscribe to SOTS to get the latest posts sent to your email. Again, we don’t give out or sell you email address to anyone nor will we ever.

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Stay free.

3 thoughts on “How do we change anything?

  1. Except for the fact that you are expressing an ideology here yourself. Your only hoping for people to stand up against the system when it doesn’t align with your prejudices and ideology, “vote in folks that have the kids’ interest at heart instead of the teachers unions’, lobbyists, etc.” Folks who want to force their religion and particular religous morality on children? All for that, aren’t you? You aren’t ‘sick of the system’, you’re all for the system when it goes your way!

    • Yes, we have to approve comments, not because of dissent, because spammers, etc., post all kinds of crap in comments.

      You’re wrong about me wanting people to stand up against whatever only when I agree with them. I want people to stand up against what THEY don’t agree with. They should be able to do so, don’t you agree? If you don’t agree with that, go away, you’ve come to the wrong place.

      And forcing religion and morality on children? Where is that in the article? That’s right, it’s not there is it? Kinda grasping there.

      Have your opinion and voice it if you want to. If not, that’s fine too. But don’t be afraid to voice it, no matter who disagrees. That’s the point.

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