Why do I do this?

So I wanted to explain why I am doing this. Why did I set up SickoftheSystems.com and start writing about the systems and what we can do to lessen our overall dependence on them? The simple answer is that I want to help people.

I want to help people look at things a little differently than they have been told to do so. I want to give people hope in their own lives that they’re not stuck, that they don’t have to be a part of the systems as much as they are and that some systems can be thrown out altogether. There are ways around them, there are ways through them. We may still have to work within them for certain things, but we don’t have to bow down and take whatever is thrown at us.

Another reason is that it helps me. It gives me a chance to get things off my chest, things that otherwise I would haul around. It gives me a voice that can be heard by more than my wife, coworkers, city council, etc. Call it a form of therapy?   That sounds about right. It also gives me hope that other people think the way I do. Having thoughts about how things could be or should be can be pretty depressing if you think that you’re the only one thinking them. The fact that others know that there are better ways out there gives me hope and should give you hope for this great country of ours.

I also want this to become a community of ideas. Each one of us have our own ideas about different things; what works, what doesn’t, how this should be handled, how that could be rectified. We all have tons of ideas and this should be a place that we can put some of those ideas to work, to get them out in front of more people and see what happens.

What would happen if people like us would put our minds together and try to get things done? More things would get done for sure! We need to start moving toward doing things instead of just talking, right? Even if that means just doing things in your own life. Even that works out for a greater good. If individuals would stop using credit cards and pay off those debts, just 10% of us, that would mean less of us would be slaves to the debt system. It would mean the economic situation of those people would change for the better. It would mean that people that don’t use credit cards wouldn’t be “weird.” It would mean certain things wouldn’t cost so much, products wouldn’t have such a high markup. If enough people wouldn’t buy something for $425 because they won’t use a credit card, the price of that item would come down to what people are willing to pay. And if a competitor is having trouble selling his doodad because the other guy just dropped his price by 20%, what’s the competitor going to do with his price?. That almost sounds like the free market, doesn’t it?

This is what I am trying to build; an ever growing community of people, of ideas that challenge the way you’ve been taught to think and feel about things and happenings around you.

I need your help!

Now here’s the thing, I need your help to do this. I obviously can’t do this on my own. Subscribe to get our new posts by email, share Sick of the Systems with those you know, comment on our posts to share your ideas with others, like the SOTS Facebook page. Help this thing grow as much as possible. I know there are people out there looking for information and ideas like what we’re bringing you, let’s get it out in front of them! Let’s get this in front of as many liberty-minded people as possible and then we’ll see what happens. Share, share, share!

Until next time,

Stay free.

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