Welcome to Sick of the Systems!

What is SOTS?

SOTS is a site of information, ideas and solutions that I build out of frustration with how our great country has been conducting itself lately, not just our government, by the way. It was also built out of an obligation and duty to those who will listen. I am sick of seeing my fellow countrymen and women struggle under the yokes placed on all our necks. I can’t sit back anymore and watch this happen and not at least try to do something about it.

I want to shine a light on the systems that we find ourselves a part of; the good and the bad, where the flaws are in the different systems and where the flaws are in how we’re told to act, think and feel. We don’t need the systems near as much as they need us to be a part of them.

What does SOTS want to do?

I am hoping that this site will help people scraping to get ahead. To help those that depend too much on the systems, that think they can’t do without them in their lives. I want to prove them wrong in this aspect. We can do something about our reliance on the systems and we should. I want to inform people of what is going on, give my opinion, but then give ideas and solutions for the problems we’re facing. I also want this to be a community of like-minded people that can offer their opinions, ideas and solutions to others. It is time that people open their eyes and look at what is going on, to look at the situation that we’re all in. I want SOTS and its community to share so many ideas and solutions that if anyone were to implement in their lives just one percent of them, that they would be a lot better off.

Why should you be a part of SOTS?

As I was just explaining, I want SOTS to be a community and for it to bring forth not only the information and problems in our collective lives, but also the ideas that lead to solutions. And if we need anything, it’s solutions! For that to happen, we need you to be a part of it. We need you to be a part of the solution.

On a regular basis, I will be posting anything and everything that can lead us down the road to personal freedom, self-reliance and our individual pursuits of happiness. Unless otherwise noted, such as quoted material, these are my ideas and opinions and should be taken as such. But do something with them. Do it for you. Do it for your loved ones. Just do something. You are a person with your own life and your own ambitions. You are not to be just a part of the systems to be farmed and tossed away. You are the reason that SOTS exists!


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