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Have you started your garden yet?

Spring has arrived!

Peat pods seed tray - SOTSSo what does that mean? It means it’s time to start our gardens! Are you as excited as I am? I hope so! I am really excited because it’s not only time to start the garden, it’s time to start an all-new garden. Last fall, my family and I moved into our new place so this is going to be a new and fresh start for us. We are going to be starting from scratch so it’ll be a little bit of extra work. The first setup is always a little tougher. We are fortunate in that there are fruit trees here that are already producing. Most of them look about 3 to 6 years old, so that is definitely a plus! We don’t have to wait 5 or so years for the first fruit to come in. There are apple, pear and cherries and one of the cherry trees is probably 20 to 30 years old. It’s pretty big. Everything else is the younger stuff. As for the varieties? We don’t know yet, haven’t gotten that far.

Other than the trees, we have found one rhubarb plant, 3 blueberry bushes and a few garlics. So as far as the gardening is concerned, we’re working with a pretty blank slate. It’s gonna be fun!

So what are we doing?

Seedlings in Peat Pods - SOTSWe have decided that we’re going to install at least 3 raised beds as our main garden. They will measure 3 feet by 12 feet each and will be a foot deep.That should give us plenty of planting space, especially if we are doing intensively managed Square Foot Gardening. We’re getting them in a little bit late, but I think it’ll be fine. We already have a bunch of seedlings started indoors so we’re good. About four weeks ago, I planted (let’s test my memory):

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