Leading by Example

Why do we try to change those around us? Whether we are doing so because we are close to them and love them and therefore want the best for them or we are trying to just get them into our camp, to get them on our side. Why do some many of us push and push instead of just showing others what can be done by doing it ourselves? Why do we not lead by example more and push less? If we really want people around us to follow our example, especially those we love, that is exactly what we should be doing.

Just show people what can be done

If I want to show how much your life can improve by becoming more self-reliant, I need to live a more self-reliant lifestyle, wouldn’t you say? When I go out to my garden and harvest all the greens and vegetables that we are going to eat that night, that action says more than if I were to just come down on someone for depending too much upon the food system. If we have friends over and they ask why our vegetables taste so much better than what they get at the grocery store, I can tell them that it’s because we grow them. Not only do we just grow them, we grow them for the nutrition and flavor, and not just to withstand weeks of transportation like commercial growers do. We grow them for our benefit, not solely for profit. I can also tell them how they can do it too. I can show them some good ways to start out and tell them of other benefits of producing at least some of what they eat.

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